A new jewelry brand by cloth company Marusugi with 100 years of experience

This new jewelry brand is a collaboration between  a kimono-textile expert who is deeply involved in Japanese traditional arts, and interior designer.

Through excellent teamwork, Marusugi has been able to pass on 100 years of tradition to our craftsmen. Our reliable artisans have created custom-made clothes for all these years. We are always inspired by the passion and skill of our workers. Even the latest science is no match for their skills. It is our desire to allow our craftsmen to find modern ways of expressing themselves through their art. Through extensive cooperation with designers, we are bringingfresh ideas to the field of Japanese craft. The use of new materials, advanced technologies and consultation with scientists has paved the way for a whole new mode of artistic expression.



company nameMarusugi Co.,Ltd.
Address7-15 Miyukihonmachi Anjo-City Aichi-pref. 446-0032 Japan
Telephone+81 566 76 6261
Fax+81 566 77 2929

100年続いた呉服屋 丸杉が手がける新ブランド